Christian Hypocrisy and the Wacky Laws of Leviticus

Christian Brothers High School, an all-male Catholic high school in Memphis, Tennessee, stole the limelight from Kim Davis yesterday when news broke that it had denied a gay, male senior’s request to bring a male date from another school to the CBHS’s homecoming dance.  The male student accused the school of anti-gay discrimination, while the school claimed it’s simply following policy and that previous allowances for the student and his male date were in violation of the rules.


What Conservatives are Getting Wrong about Ahmed’s Clock

Among the hot-button issues in today’s political sphere, Islamophobia and overall race/ethnic relations rank quite high, especially in regard to the treatment given to certain races, religions, and ethnic groups from governmental authorities, such as the police.  When 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed was arrested after he brought a homemade alarm clock to school and it went off in class, each side of the political spectrum leapt into action.  For those on the left, this was clearly a case of Islamophobia representative of the larger struggle of Muslims in the U.S.  For conservatives, the incident itself was “precaution” on the school’s part, and accusations of Islamophobia were political correctness and race baiting run amuck.

Let’s take a moment to analyze the situation.